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Now is the time to leverage your brand's potential and contribute to the revolution in healthcare. The market is eagerly anticipating innovative medical devices that can elevate patient care and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Growth Drivers
  • Technological Advancements: Rapid innovation and development in medical technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, IoT in healthcare, and robotics, are driving the growth of the medical device industry.
  • Aging Population: The increase in the global aging population who are more prone to chronic diseases necessitates advanced medical devices, driving demand and industry growth.
  • Increased Healthcare Expenditure: Greater healthcare spending and emphasis on improved healthcare infrastructure, particularly in developing countries, are also contributing to industry growth.
625.3 billion

By 2027



North America

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Taevas Services for Medical Devices

Taevas is at the forefront of this expansion, supporting businesses as they navigate and conquer new markets. Our comprehensive range of services for the Medical Devices include:

Taevas-Global services

Global Connect

Unleash your business potential with seamless market entry and expansion solutions to captivate new markets, and maximize business impact.

Market Intelligence

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, we provide nuanced insights into market trends, competitor dynamics, and evolving customer needs. Know more

Product Registration

Our experience with intricate regulations enables us to smoothly navigate your products through the registration process in diverse markets. Know more

Legal Representation

We stand at the forefront of your business’s interaction with local regulatory authorities, facilitating seamless compliance and regulatory navigation in local markets. Know more

Imports & Shipments

We employ industry-specific best practices to ensure secure and efficient transportation of your products across global borders. Know more

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Our warehousing strategies are tailored to preserve the integrity of your products while ensuring efficient delivery to facilities and end-users. Know more

Distribution Support

We identify and connect you with the ideal local distributors, creating a robust network for your product’s successful market penetration. Know more

Tradeshow Representation

Capitalizing on our industry credibility, we effectively present your products at leading tradeshows to stimulate interest and generate qualified leads. Know more
Taevas-Digital Services

Digital Connect

Propel your brand to new heights with dynamic strategies and captivating digital journeys, outpacing your competition.

Digital Presence Solutions

Our team designs a compelling website that effectively communicates the robustness and unique benefits of your products. Know more

Search Visibility Enhancement

We employ industry-targeted SEO strategies to connect potential customers searching for innovative solutions with your products. Know more

Performance Marketing

Drawing on our market expertise, we tailor digital advertising campaigns to reach key decision-makers in the industry effectively. Know more

Social Network Engagement

Using our familiarity with various communities, we foster meaningful connections between your brand and industry professionals through social media engagement. Know more

Strategic Content Creation

We create thought-provoking, science-backed content that underscores the value of your products, positioning your brand as a thought leader. Know more

Email Marketing & Automation

Leveraging our knowledge of diverse audiences, we deliver personalized email campaigns that resonate with potential customers and nurture relationships. Know more
Taevas- Commerce Connect

Commerce Connect

Ignite your brand's growth and multiply revenue with cohesive expert strategies across global markets.

Marketplace Setup & Optimization

We ensure your products shine on marketplaces, utilizing our understanding of various fields to optimize product listings and boost sales. Know more

Performance Analysis

Applying our analytical expertise, we meticulously evaluate your marketing initiatives to ensure optimal performance and impact in your sector. Know more

Integrated Communication

With our deep understanding of various markets, we strategically employ Digital Out of Home (DOOH) strategies for maximal brand visibility. Know more

Public Relations & Media Outreach

Our relationships with the media and understanding of various fields allow us to secure positive press and wide-reaching coverage for your products. Know more

Sales Playbook Development

We craft a robust sales playbook that encapsulates industry-specific sales strategies, empowering your team to effectively sell your products. Know more

Sales Collateral Development

We produce compelling sales materials that emphasize the benefits and unique selling points of your products, aiding your team in driving conversions. Know more

Taevas' Expertise in the Medical Devices Market


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Medical Devices Specialities

Categories of Medical Devices

At Taevas we know the ins and outs of Medical Device Industry and our expertise runs deep in supporting our clients with a wide range of medical device product portfolio. From diagnostic and monitoring equipment to surgical instruments and implants, we help you expand globally with our 360-degree custodianship. Below is a comprehensive list of medical device categories.

Product SpecialtyExamples
Cardiovascular DevicesPacemakers, stents, defibrillators, heart valves, etc.
Orthopedic DevicesJoint replacements, bone fixations, artificial limbs, etc.
Radiology DevicesMRI machines, ultrasound machines, X-ray machines, etc.
Gastroenterology/Urology DevicesStents, catheters, colostomy bags, etc.
Respiratory DevicesVentilators, oxygen masks, CPAP machines, etc.
Dental DevicesDental implants, braces, bridges, crowns, etc.
Ophthalmic DevicesContact lenses, intraocular lenses, glaucoma drainage devices, etc.
Neurological DevicesDeep brain stimulators, vagus nerve stimulators, spinal cord stimulators, etc.
Diagnostic DevicesGlucose monitors, pregnancy tests, cholesterol testing kits, etc.
Surgical DevicesSurgical lasers, electrosurgical devices, robotic surgical devices, etc.

Case Studies

Medical Devices

Sales Collateral Development for Enhanced Market Reach in India

Medical Devices

Unlocking B2G Opportunities through Strategic Marketplace Management in India

Medical Devices

Sales Collateral Development for Enhanced Market Reach in India

Medical Devices

Optimizing Warehousing Operations for Market Expansion in India


The Taevas Advantage

Choosing Taevas means choosing a partner who's as dedicated to your success as you are.


Local Advantage

We've got the world covered. We know how the game is played globally and have made friends in over 19 countries. We use this knowledge and these connections to help you succeed locally.


Tailored Solutions

We believe in tailor-made, not off-the-rack. We're all about crafting strategies that fit snugly with your business goals and that can move with market trends.



From product registration to marketing and distribution, we're your steadfast ally. We accompany you at each stage of the journey.


Demonstrated Success

We've helped 27+ others make it in the medical device market - and we can do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience with expanding medical device companies internationally?

We have over 5 years of experience in facilitating international expansion for medical device companies. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to established multinational corporations.

Can you share some case studies or examples of successful projects in our industry?

How do you conduct market research to identify potential new markets?

We employ several market research techniques including data analysis, surveys, focus groups, and partnership with local agencies in the target market.

What are the key factors you consider when determining the feasibility of entering a new market?

Factors we consider include market size and potential, regulatory environment, cultural acceptance of the product, competitive landscape, and economic stability.

Can you assist with regulatory compliance and certifications needed for medical devices in the target countries?

Yes, we have a dedicated regulatory compliance team that can help with the certifications needed in the target countries.

Do you offer post-launch support or services to maintain the market presence?

Yes, we offer post-launch services to maintain and increase your market presence.

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