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Product Portfolio

Taevas Products-Audecom

Intelligent Hearing Aid Comparative System

Audecom addresses challenges like lack of awareness and trust deficit by providing realistic simulations of auditory scenarios. With AUDECOM, patients can compare multiple hearing aids in various environments, fostering confidence and satisfaction. It streamlines the selection process with its user-friendly interface, enabling instant testing and enhancing patient engagement.

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Taevas product-EQUIPOISE

Computerized Posturography

EquiPoise revolutionizes posturography with its precise Romberg test extension and dynamic platform for assessing various postural strategies. Offering escalating motor complexity and sensory denial protocols, it empowers clinicians in diagnosis and rehabilitation. With a large surface, real-time analysis, and clinically relevant parameters, EquiPoise ensures accurate assessment of sway velocity and directional instability.

Taevas product-EQUICOG



Presenting for the first time in India Videonystagmography: Rectangular grid position traces and velocity traces. Horizontal, vertical and torsional traces. Horizontal slow phase velocity, vertical slow phase velocity, torsional slow phase velocity, cumulative slow phase velocity. Nystagmus direction in angles. Enquire More
Taevas product-EQUIFHIT


Functional Head Impulse Test

EquifHIT revolutionizes vestibulo-ocular reflex assessment with its Functional Head Impulse Test, utilizing cutting-edge technology for precise evaluation. Key features include head-mounted high-precision sensors, automatic rejection of suboptimal presentations, and standard and Landolt C optotypes for versatile testing. It offers fast and accurate assessment of individual semicircular canals, presenting results with color-coded indicators and automatic reporting.

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Taevas product-EQUICCG



EquiCCG revolutionizes craniocorpography with its automated calculations and computer vision-based technology, eliminating the need for a dark room. Offering comprehensive protocols like Romberg and Unterberger-Fukuda tests, it ensures thorough evaluation. The wide-angle ceiling-mounted camera captures detailed patient movements, while the electronics-free head tracker enhances maintenance and safety.

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Taevas product-iNAP


Sleep Therapy System

It offers a patient-preferred, non-surgical solution for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) across all severity levels. Its innovative design creates a pressure gradient in the oral cavity, gently pulling the tongue and soft palate forward during sleep. Using negative pressure technology, it operates mask-free, ensuring superior comfort. Portable and compact, it’s ideal for travel, while its quiet operation allows for uninterrupted sleep.

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Taevas product-ENDOSCOPE


HD Mobile Wireless Camera System

Explore our endoscopy solution featuring wireless video endo-camera, complemented by adaptable light source. This cutting-edge device delivers high-quality live video streaming and recording capabilities, catering to a spectrum of endoscopic applications. Whether in otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, or cosmetic practices, our products fulfil diagnostic, communication, educational, and examination needs efficiently.

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