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Specializing in turning market entry challenges into growth opportunities and helping your business thrive in the new markets with strategic market access solutions.


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Taevas ENT- Product Portfolio

Live hearing aid demo device, made by experts. Allows patients to experience 3 aids with real-world sounds for efficient, accurate selection, revolutionizing the ENT space.
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EquiPoise revolutionizes posturography with precise, versatile design. Empowers clinicians with real-time data for accurate balance assessment and rehabilitation planning, enhancing diagnosis and treatment.
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Static Stabilometer
The body-steady state instrument measures and dynamically modulates the body oscillations indirectly based on the static surface response.
The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-speaker surround system.
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Specializing in turning market entry challenges into growth opportunities and helping your business thrive in the new markets with strategic market access solutions.

Taevas advantage

The Taevas

Taevas stands ready to serve as your custom-fit partner in India, catering to your unique business requirements.

  • As your Indian Authorized Representative (IAR), we ensure your regulatory complianc

  • We identify potential distributors for your products and facilitate initial connection

  • Clients can lead the further development of these distributor relationships

  • Along with being your IAR, we also act as your centralized distributor in India
  • We identify and appoint local distributors in different regions of India, creating a wide and efficient distribution network
  • You can focus on your core business, while we handle the complexities of distribution
  • Along with being your IAR, we also initiate the building of your local presence in India
  • We put together a dedicated team who takes charge of sales partnerships and manages the nuances of business operations
  • We ‘Build’ the infrastructure and set up processes; we ‘Operate’ the business, and when you feel ready, we ‘Transfer’ the control to you

Frequently Asked Questions

We have extensive experience helping ENT device companies expand their global footprint. We understand the unique considerations of the industry and have achieved successful results for our clients

Yes, we can provide several case studies where we’ve worked with similar companies in your industry. For example, we assisted a leading audiology device manufacturer expand into Europe and Asia, resulting in a 150% increase in sales over two years

Our team of experts stays updated on the medical device regulations in various countries. We ensure that your devices meet all compliance requirements and help with the necessary documentation.

Yes, we can assist with achieving the necessary certifications in your target countries. We work with experienced consultants who specialize in CE, FDA, and other certifications.

Our marketing approach for healthcare professionals involves educational content, product demonstrations, and thought leadership. We position your brand as a trusted and innovative player in the ENT device industry.

We can guide you through the procurement process in different countries. Our relationships with healthcare institutions globally can aid in the smooth introduction of your devices into these markets.

Countries We Serve

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Our Client Reviews

“Taevas’ Sales Playbook was a game-changer for our team! It streamlined our approach and armed us with winning strategies. Our sales soared, all thanks to their insightful guidance.”

Michael L Sales Manager

Legal Representation:
“Taevas served as our reliable legal representative, navigating complex regulations effortlessly. Their expertise ensured our compliance, allowing us to focus on business growth.”

Emily L Compliance Officer

Warehouse & Inventory Management:
“Taevas transformed our inventory handling! Their streamlined solutions optimized our operations, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.”

Mark C Operations Manager

Operations Manager:
“Taevas’ Market Intelligence team delivered invaluable insights. Their comprehensive analysis helped us identify untapped opportunities, shaping our strategic decisions.”

David M Strategy Lead

“The amalgamation of Taevas’ sales collateral, digital presence solutions, and performance analysis has revolutionized our approach. Their holistic strategies resulted in a significant boost in conversions and brand visibility.”

Lisa H Marketing Manager