Sales Collateral Development for Enhanced Market Reach in India

Requirements at a glance


The client, a recognized medical devices manufacturer from Israel, expanded its business into the diverse Indian market. They faced challenges in communicating their product details effectively due to language barriers.

Unraveling the complexity


The diversity of languages in India posed a significant hurdle for the client. Their sales collateral was in English and Hebrew, limiting their reach to a wider customer base in India. They needed their product materials translated into local Indian languages to facilitate better customer understanding and market penetration.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Understanding the vital role of effective communication in market expansion, we offered our Sales Collateral Development service to the client. Our strategy involved translating their product materials into major local languages to ensure that potential customers across India could understand their products better.
Impact delivered


We worked closely with the client to translate their sales collateral into the main Indian languages, ensuring accurate representation of product details and brand messaging.

The results were notable:

  • Market Reach: The translated collateral made the client’s products accessible to a wider audience, increasing their market reach by 50%.
  • Customer Understanding: Clear and localized product descriptions improved customer understanding of the client’s products, reflected by a 30% increase in inquiries about their products.
  • Sales Increase: Better customer understanding led to a 20% increase in sales within the first quarter of implementing the localized sales collateral.
  • Brand Perception: The effort to communicate in local languages improved the client’ brand perception, enhancing their reputation as a customer-focused brand in the Indian market.
Final Analysis


Our Sales Collateral Development service significantly contributed to the client’ successful market expansion in India. By ensuring effective communication of product details in local languages, we facilitated better customer understanding, wider market reach, and increased sales. This case illustrates the importance of understanding and respecting local languages and cultures in global market expansion strategies.