Optimizing Warehousing Operations for Market Expansion in India

Requirements at a glance


The client, a prestigious medical devices manufacturer based in Israel, expanded its reach to India. However, they faced challenges in efficiently managing warehouse operations to ensure seamless distribution in the new market.

Unraveling the complexity


The client needed an efficient warehousing solution that could handle the storage and distribution of their products across India. The objective was to maintain optimal inventory levels, ensure quick order turnaround, and minimize warehousing costs.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Recognizing the crucial role of effective warehousing in supply chain management and market expansion, we provided our expert Warehousing service to the client. We aimed to optimize their warehouse operations to meet market demands swiftly and efficiently.
Impact delivered


We facilitated the warehousing needs of the client, handling everything from inventory management to order fulfillment. Our solutions were tailored to meet the specific requirements of the medical device industry and the unique needs of the client.

The results were substantial:

  • Receiving Efficiency: We achieved a 98% accuracy rate in receiving goods, ensuring precise inventory management.
  • Picking Accuracy: Our warehouse operations maintained a picking accuracy rate of 99.5%, leading to accurate order fulfillment and high customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Turnover: We improved the inventory turnover rate by 30%, ensuring optimal stock levels and reducing warehousing costs.
  • Backorder Rate: Our efficient warehouse management reduced the backorder rate to less than 1%, ensuring prompt delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Order Lead Time: We significantly reduced the order lead time by 40%, providing quicker order fulfillment and delivery.
Final Analysis


Our Warehousing service played a significant role in the successful market expansion of the client in India. By ensuring efficient warehouse operations, we facilitated seamless distribution, leading to improved customer satisfaction and cost efficiency. This case highlights the importance of an effective warehousing solution in a successful market expansion strategy.

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