Unlocking B2G Opportunities through Strategic Marketplace Management in India

Requirements at a glance


The client, a medical devices giant based in Israel, wanted to expand their sales opportunities in India. A significant part of their strategy was to participate in government tenders for medical devices, but they faced challenges in navigating the local government marketplace.

Unraveling the complexity


One of the key marketplaces for government tenders in India is the GeM Portal. However, understanding and complying with the portal’s requirements, including registration, product listing, and tender participation, was a challenge for the client due to their unfamiliarity with the Indian government tender system.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

We understood the potential opportunities that government tenders offered for the client. Therefore, we provided our expert Marketplace Management service to help the client navigate the GeM Portal and effectively participate in government tenders.
Impact delivered


We efficiently onboarded the client as a supplier on the GeM Portal, managing the entire process from registration to product listing. We ensured that their product information was accurately represented and complied with all GeM Portal requirements.

The results were impressive:

  • Smooth Onboarding: We successfully onboarded the client onto the GeM Portal within 10 days, enabling them to start participating in tenders promptly.
  • Product Listings: We effectively listed the client’s products on the portal, ensuring compliance with all guidelines and requirements.
  • Tender Participation: With our assistance, the client was able to participate in over 50 government tenders within the first six months of onboarding.
  • Brand Visibility: By listing on the GeM Portal, the client’s visibility increased significantly among government procurement officials, leading to an increase in inquiries and interest in their products.
Final Analysis


Our Marketplace Management service played a critical role in the client’ successful market expansion in India. By assisting in their onboarding onto the GeM Portal, we opened opportunities for the client to participate in government tenders, thereby broadening their market reach. This case underscores the significance of understanding and navigating local marketplaces in foreign market expansion strategies.

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