Every product is treated & received differently in different regions. When you are a manufacturer of multiple product categories, ranging from Pharmaceuticals to Cosmetics to Medical Devices, willing to market them across the globe, the challenge is more in terms of understanding regional regulatory and market scenarios. Taevas, being a designated Market Authorization Holder (MAH) of many Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Medical Devices, assists companies worldwide to assess how their products are regarded globally and helps them define right pathways at the right time for successful market entry. Taevas caters to various Lifesciences industries, such as:


Drugs are perceived as high value life science products. It is financially beneficial for the manufacturers to have a local alliance which can provide the best channels for distribution apart from providing legal representation.

Taevas’s capabilities as market access partner include market licensing services, distribution & marketing authorization holder. The expert network and experience of handling multiple drug products makes Taevas, your one-stop market-entry solution.

Medical Devices

Projected to grow faster than any other life sciences industry, medical devices surely is the pioneering market.

Taevas, with a broad reach and local affiliates worldwide can serve in small, mid and large-sized markets with equal intensity to bring about expected outcomes for medical devices.


Cosmetics have come a long way from a luxury product to a day-to-day household product.The trend of natural active ingredients and botanical extracts has fuelled their usage adding to the cause of environment friendly.

Taevas has an excellent network across regions worldwide and has experience in transcending multiple products across the boundaries supported by local affiliations and market experts.


As a market access partner, Taevas has successfully launched nutraceutical products to perform viably in competitive markets weighing all factors of demand and supply. With a support system backed by team of experts in Regulatory and market intelligence, Taevas has all the resources to launch your nutraceutical product delivering on the targeted returns and stipulated timelines.