Performance Marketing for Efficient Sales Growth in India

Requirements at a glance


Slova, a leading skincare brand from the United States, had successfully expanded into the Indian market. However, they faced the challenge of effectively marketing their products to drive sales and achieve a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Unraveling the complexity


Slova aimed to boost their sales in the Indian market but needed a marketing strategy that would ensure maximum returns on their investment. The challenge was to implement a performance marketing strategy that would drive sales and provide a high ROAS.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Understanding the potential of performance marketing in driving sales, we offered our Performance Marketing service to Slova. We formulated a strategic plan that leveraged Google Ads and Meta Advertising platforms to reach a wide audience and create high-intent leads.

Our strategy involved:

Google Ads: We created a series of keyword-optimized Search and Display campaigns to attract consumers actively looking for skincare products. Using Google’s comprehensive targeting options, we were able to reach consumers at different stages of the buying process.

Meta Advertising: We leveraged the extensive user data on Meta’s platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to create highly targeted campaigns. These campaigns focused on engaging audiences through rich media content, driving brand awareness, and conversions.

Impact delivered


We executed the strategic plan, and the performance marketing efforts led to significant results:

ROAS: Through targeted Google Ads and Meta Advertising campaigns, we achieved a ROAS of 4:1, ensuring Slova received excellent value for their investment.

Cost per Sale: Our marketing efforts reduced the cost per sale by 30%, optimizing Slova’s marketing budget.

Total Sales: Our strategies led to a significant increase in sales, with over 15,000 units sold within the first three months.

Conversion Rate: The optimized ad campaigns targeting high-intent consumers on Google and Meta platforms increased Slova’s conversion rate by 20%.

Final Analysis


Our Performance Marketing service played a pivotal role in Slova’s sales growth in India. By leveraging Google Ads and Meta Advertising, we ensured the most efficient use of Slova’s ad spend, drove sales, and improved their ROAS. This case study underlines the effectiveness of a targeted, platform-specific performance marketing strategy for driving sales growth.