Optimized Website Development for Enhanced Customer Experience in India

Requirements at a glance


As Slova, a popular US skincare brand, sought to establish its presence in the Indian market, they faced the challenge of creating a localized and optimized website that catered to the mobile-first Indian audience.

Unraveling the complexity


Slova needed a website that was not just localized in terms of content and language, but was also mobile-optimized, given the dominance of mobile internet usage in India. The challenge was to build a website that offered a seamless and engaging user experience across devices.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

We recognized the importance of a mobile-optimized website in reaching a wider audience in India. Leveraging our expertise in website development and understanding of the Indian market, we offered our Website Development service to Slova.
Impact delivered


We developed a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website for Slova. We ensured the site was localized to resonate with Indian consumers while being fast-loading and easy to navigate on mobile devices.

The results were compelling:

Mobile Optimization: The website’s mobile optimization led to a 50% increase in mobile traffic within the first month of launch.

User Engagement: Due to the improved mobile experience, the average session duration on mobile increased by 30%, and the bounce rate decreased by 20%.

Sales Conversion: With seamless navigation and user-friendly design, the website’s conversion rate improved by 25%.

Website Traffic: The newly launched website attracted a 35% increase in total traffic, demonstrating the positive impact of our mobile-optimized design.

Final Analysis


Our Website Development service played a crucial role in Slova’s successful digital presence in India. By creating a mobile-optimized and localized website, we ensured Slova could effectively engage with the mobile-first Indian audience, resulting in increased traffic and improved user engagement. This case highlights the importance of mobile optimization in website development for reaching broader audiences in today’s digital age.

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