Making a Mark at the Indian Pharma Expo through Expert Tradeshow Representation

Requirements at a glance


The client, a pharmaceutical industry leader from the U.S., aimed to boost its visibility and establish strategic connections in the Indian market. To facilitate this, the company decided to participate in the prominent Indian Pharma Expo. However, being based in the U.S., they faced challenges in effectively managing and representing their brand at the tradeshow.

Unraveling the complexity


With their base in the U.S., The client grappled with numerous challenges in actively participating in the Indian Pharma Expo. These included securing and setting up the booth, pre-event outreach, on-site representation, and post-event networking. They needed a trusted partner to effectively represent their brand and ensure successful participation.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Understanding the significant influence of a successful tradeshow presence on the client’s market penetration efforts, we offered our specialized Tradeshow Representation services. Our objective was to create a memorable and impactful presence for the client, facilitating vital networking opportunities and enhancing brand visibility.
Impact delivered


We stepped in as the client’s local representative, adeptly managing every aspect of their participation at the Indian Pharma Expo:

  • Booking Booth & Preparing Booth Design: We procured a strategically located booth and conceptualized an engaging booth design that encapsulated the client’s brand ethos and drew visitor attention.
  • Pre-event Email Outreach: Our targeted pre-event email campaign reached over 5,000 industry professionals, stirring a high level of interest for the client’s booth at the expo.
  • Total RSVPs & Scheduled Meetups: Our meticulous pre-event efforts resulted in over 700 RSVPs, with more than 150 meetups scheduled with crucial industry stakeholders.
  • During the Event Representation & Completed Meetups: We effectively represented the client at the event, interacting with the booth visitors and successfully completing all the scheduled meetups.
  • Social Media Mentions: Our real-time event updates resulted in the client garnering over 1,500 mentions across various social media platforms, significantly amplifying their visibility.
  • Networking Results: We facilitated fruitful networking opportunities for the client, leading to the establishment of 60 potential partnerships.
  • Opportunities for Anticipated Sales Pipeline: The client’s participation in the Indian Pharma Expo led to a robust sales pipeline, with potential business opportunities exceeding $5 million.
  • This concerted effort significantly elevated the client’s market presence in India. Alongside the other services we provided, the client was able to capture a 15% market share within two years of its launch.
Final Analysis


Our comprehensive Tradeshow Representation service played a key role in elevating the client’s visibility at the Indian Pharma Expo. By expertly handling every aspect of the tradeshow participation, we carved out numerous business opportunities for the client, demonstrating the value of effective event representation in foreign market expansion strategies.

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