Distributor Mapping for Effective Market Presence in India

Requirements at a glance


The client, a leading medical devices manufacturer from Israel, ventured into the Indian market but faced challenges with their existing distributor. This was impeding their product reach and market penetration.

Unraveling the complexity


The client’ existing distributor was not able to effectively reach the target market in India, resulting in poor product distribution and limited market visibility. The client needed a distributor with extensive local networks and a deep understanding of the medical devices market in India.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Understanding the crucial role of an effective distributor in market expansion, we offered our Distributor Mapping service to the client. Our approach involved an extensive search for distributors with the right capabilities and networks that aligned with the client’s business objectives.
Impact delivered


We carried out an exhaustive search and shortlisted potential distributors based on their reach, market knowledge, and experience in the medical devices sector. After careful evaluation, we connected the client with a new distributor that had extensive local networks and an excellent track record in the medical devices industry.

The results were substantial:

  • Market Reach: With the new distributor, the client’s products reached over 300 new medical outlets within the first six months.
  • Sales Growth: This improved market reach led to a 25% increase in sales in the first quarter following the distributor change.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The new distributor’s efficient service resulted in improved customer satisfaction, with a 20% increase in repeat orders from medical outlets.
  • Brand Visibility: The client’s brand visibility in the market improved significantly, contributing to a steady increase in new customer acquisitions.
Final Analysis


Our Distributor Mapping service played a pivotal role in the client’ successful market expansion in India. By connecting them with a competent distributor, we ensured widespread market reach and improved sales, validating the importance of a well-aligned distributor partnership in foreign market expansion strategies.

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