Unlocking India's MedTech Potential | Market Entry for Medical Devices.

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India’s medtech landscape presents a captivating blend of opportunity and complexity, with factors like increasing chronic diseases and a burgeoning middle class shaping its growth trajectory. To thrive in this dynamic environment, understanding the intricacies of local preferences, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks is essential.
In this webinar, we will delve into these topics, providing a comprehensive analysis of strategies, market snapshots, and insights to empower brands seeking to navigate and grow within India’s vibrant medtech sector. Join us as we dissect the keys to success in this ever-evolving landscape.

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Gain comprehensive insights into the Indian medtech market through a detailed market snapshot.
Understand the exponential growth of medical devices in India and the key demand factors propelling this expansion.
Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with expert guidance to ensure a smooth market entry process.
Learn effective strategies for entering the Indian market, including leveraging partnerships with Indian Authorized Representatives (IARs).
Explore the Taevas Advantage, our unique approach to market entry combining market intelligence, regulatory expertise, and strategic partnerships.
Benefit from insightful case studies showcasing successful market entry and growth strategies employed by leading medtech companies in India.
Acquire practical insights and actionable takeaways to apply to your own ventures in India’s dynamic medtech sector.

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2023-10-204:00 PM-5:00 PM IST English

Ishita leads the Marketing, Business Development & Delivery verticals at Taevas. She is an experienced professional with 8 years of work experience in building D2C brands, acing the world of Brand, Marketing, Advertising, Go-To-Market Strategy, E-Commerce Sales Strategy, B2B Sales, Business Development, Client Relations & Key Account Management and holds a post-graduation in Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communications.

Having worked with various companies ranging from start-ups & to tech giants, Ishita finds her passion in bridging the gap between the world’s most innovative technologies & the people who can benefit from it. She is your host for today.

Ishita is a beauty, fitness, and sustainable fashion enthusiast. She likes to read about the world, its changing themes; travel mindfully for some noteworthy experiences and engage in discussions that make the world a better place. She is 5 years old in her climate journey now and strives every day to make conscious choices so she can lead a zero-waste life.

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