Strategic Market Intelligence for Slova’s India Expansion

Requirements at a glance


Slova, an acclaimed skincare brand from the United States, was considering expanding into the Indian market. However, they lacked in-depth knowledge of the Indian skincare market, customer behavior, and competition landscape, which are vital for successful market entry.

Unraveling the complexity


For a successful market expansion, Slova needed extensive intelligence about the Indian skincare market. They needed insights about the market size, customer preferences, purchasing behavior, and competitive landscape, to make informed strategic decisions about their market entry.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Recognizing Slova’s need for comprehensive market knowledge, we offered our Market Intelligence service. Leveraging our expertise in the skincare industry and deep understanding of the Indian market, we aimed to provide Slova with actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
Impact delivered


We conducted an exhaustive study of the Indian skincare market, focusing on market size, customer demographics, purchasing behavior, and competitive landscape. We also analyzed trends, opportunities, and challenges specific to the skincare industry.

The insights we provided had a significant impact:

Market Understanding: Our report gave Slova a detailed understanding of the Indian skincare market, enabling them to customize their products to suit local preferences.

Competitive Analysis: The competitive analysis in our report helped Slova identify their key competitors in India and understand their strategies, leading to the development of a robust competitive strategy.

Customer Insights: The customer insights we provided allowed Slova to understand the preferences and purchasing behavior of Indian skincare consumers, aiding in the development of targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Strategic Decision Making: Based on our market intelligence report, Slova decided to proceed with their market expansion in India. They were confident that they had a comprehensive understanding of the market and could make strategic decisions effectively.

Final Analysis


Our Market Intelligence service played a vital role in Slova’s decision to expand into the Indian market. By providing comprehensive and actionable insights about the market, we helped Slova make informed strategic decisions, underlining the importance of market intelligence in successful market expansion strategies.