Establishing Efficient Warehousing for Pharmaceutical Expansion in India

Requirements at a glance


The client, a leading pharmaceutical company based in the U.S., was eager to penetrate the Indian market but faced challenges in setting up appropriate storage facilities for their products.

Unraveling the complexity


Maintaining proper storage conditions for pharmaceutical products is of utmost importance to ensure their efficacy and safety. Setting up a warehouse that adheres to Good Storage Practices (GSP) and other Indian regulations was a critical need for the client. The company needed a solution that would ensure efficient receiving, accurate picking, quick inventory turnover, minimal backorders, and swift order lead time.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Recognizing The client’s warehousing needs, we developed a strategic approach that combined local regulatory understanding with industry best practices. We aimed to ensure optimal storage conditions while maximizing operational efficiency.
Impact delivered


We connected the client with reliable warehousing services that specialize in pharmaceutical products. Ensuring the warehouse adhered to GSP and other Indian regulations, we helped the client establish a robust and efficient warehousing system in India.

The results were impressive:

  • Receiving Efficiency: The client’s warehouse consistently maintained a high receiving efficiency rate of 98%, ensuring that incoming goods were promptly processed and stored correctly.
  • Picking Accuracy: Thanks to stringent quality control procedures, the warehouse achieved a picking accuracy rate of 99.5%, minimizing errors in order fulfillment.
  • Inventory Turnover: The efficient warehouse management system enabled the client to achieve an excellent inventory turnover rate. The company replenished its inventory 12 times a year, ensuring fresh stocks and minimizing storage costs.
  • Backorder Data: The client maintained a backorder rate of less than 1%, ensuring that customer orders were fulfilled on time and contributing to high customer satisfaction.
  • Order Lead Time: The order lead time was reduced by 30% compared to industry standards, ensuring faster delivery to customers and distributors.
  • The efficient warehousing operations contributed significantly to the client’s success in the Indian market. Within two years, the company secured a substantial 15% market share.
Final Analysis


The successful establishment of efficient warehousing operations for the client’s expansion into India demonstrated our comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and industry best practices. By ensuring high operational efficiency and compliance with GSP, we enabled the client to deliver high-quality products to the Indian market timely and reliably, contributing to their impressive market performance.