Efficient Product Registration for Swift Market Entry in India

Requirements at a glance


Slova, a renowned skincare brand from the United States, aimed to introduce its products to the Indian market. However, the process of product registration, a prerequisite for legal sale in India, posed a challenge due to the intricate regulatory landscape.

Unraveling the complexity


Slova intended to launch eight of their SKUs in the Indian market but found the process of product registration complex and time-consuming. The challenge was to navigate through the regulatory landscape swiftly and cost-effectively, without compromising on compliance.

Our tailored approach

Strategic Approach & Insights

Understanding the critical role of efficient product registration in successful market entry, we offered our Product Registration service to Slova. Leveraging our expertise in the Indian regulatory landscape, we aimed to facilitate speedy and compliant product registration for Slova.
Impact delivered


We managed the end-to-end process of product registration for Slova’s eight SKUs, ensuring compliance with all Indian regulations.

The results were significant:

Regulatory Dossier Submission: We prepared and submitted the regulatory dossier for all eight SKUs, ensuring complete adherence to all requirements and specifications.

Successful Registration: We successfully obtained the registration certificates for all eight SKUs within 60 days, accelerating their market entry.

License Acquisition: We facilitated the acquisition of the necessary licenses for Slova, paving the way for the legal sale of their products in the Indian market.

Time to Market: The average time to market was reduced by 40% as compared to industry standards, thanks to our streamlined registration process.

Cost-Effective: By leveraging our expertise and local regulatory relationships, we were able to save Slova 30% on registration costs.

Final Analysis


Our Product Registration service played a pivotal role in Slova’s successful market entry in India. By ensuring quick, compliant, and cost-effective product registration, we facilitated a smooth and swift market entry for Slova. This case emphasizes the importance of expert assistance in navigating regulatory landscapes in foreign markets.