Product registration is one of the demanding tasks, when you plan on expanding your roots across the globe. Although this process is harmonized in regulated countries, semi-regulated and ROW countries have enormous diversity from the former. We, at Taevas Global understand the hardship of submitting the registration dossiers in global markets that abide by the diverse requirements of respective law makers. So, to make this registration process easier for you, we do the legwork by preparing, compiling and submitting the registration dossiers in every market you set foot on. Backed by varied years of expertise in dealing with global healthcare markets, we make your new market entry a cakewalk.


We know you have set your eye on a new market, where you think your products are a perfect fit. To make this export successful & cinch, you’ll need an equally lucrative market entry strategy. This is where we extend our expertise to make your market entry a hit . At, Taevas we help build you a winning marketing strategy and ship you to a previously unknown territory. From setting clear goals to studying the competition to developing a strategy, we build and maintain a healthy brand presence across the local market.


Distribution channels are conduits to your consumers. We assist you in setting up distribution networks by identifying potential distributors based on market conditions & organization goals. We also aid in setting up alternative channels of trade to maximize your presence. If required, we, Taevas Global can be your unique distribution channel to market your products.

Market Authorization Holder

Taevas Global takes on all the responsibilities of Market Authorization Holder for you brand. We represent your brand as your official local authorized agent in accordance with the respective country’s regulatory legislation. From obtaining registration certificate to becoming an importer, Taevas Global can be your local authorized agent in the local market.