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The world is hungry for the next big thing in skincare, haircare, makeup, perfumes, and more. Particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where trends are born and consumer demand is skyrocketing, there's a blank canvas waiting for your unique color palette. Meanwhile, the robust and sophisticated markets of North America offer stable, lucrative platforms for new and exciting products.

We're here to streamline your journey every step of the way, starting with efficient and thorough product registration.

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Navigating Global Markets

We’re your dedicated partner who will help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape of Cosmetics industry. Leverage our expertise to overcome regulatory complexities and successfully introduce your innovations to global markets. Choose your country & specialty from below to navigate and understand the local regulations.

    Navigating Global Product Registration Regulations and Requirements

    To ensure patient safety, every country has its specific product registration regulations. These may include:

    • Technical Documentation: Manuals, product specifications, clinical evaluations, and risk analyses.
    • Quality Management System (QMS): Evidence that your company’s QMS adheres to international standards.
    • Preclinical and Clinical Trials Data: Proof that the device is safe and effective for use.

    At Taevas, we are familiar with these regulations and will guide you through them meticulously, be it FDA’s 510(k) submission in the U.S., CE marking process in Europe, or CFDA registration in China, among others.

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    The Taevas Advantage

    Choosing Taevas means choosing a partner who's as dedicated to your success as you are.


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    We've got the world covered. We know how the game is played globally and have made friends in over 19 countries. We use this knowledge and these connections to help you succeed locally.


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    We believe in tailor-made, not off-the-rack. We're all about crafting strategies that fit snugly with your business goals and that can move with market trends.



    From product registration to marketing and distribution, we're your steadfast ally. We accompany you at each stage of the journey.


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    We've helped 27+ others make it in the medical device market - and we can do the same for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you provide examples of your experience in assisting cosmetics companies with global expansion and navigating regulatory requirements in different countries?

    Our agency has a wealth of experience in assisting cosmetics companies with global expansion and navigating regulatory requirements. Refer to our Case Studies.

    What is your understanding of the global regulatory landscape for cosmetics?

    We possess a deep understanding of the global regulatory landscape for cosmetics. Our team is well-versed in the process of obtaining regulatory approvals, product registration, and ensuring compliance with labeling and packaging requirements in different countries or regions. We can guide you through the complex regulatory framework and help you achieve compliance.

    How do you ensure compliance with local regulations and standards specific to cosmetics?

    Ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards specific to cosmetics is of paramount importance to us. We have extensive experience in dealing with regulatory bodies and agencies governing cosmetics in different countries. We stay up-to-date with evolving regulations to ensure that your cosmetic products meet all product registration, labeling, and packaging requirements, facilitating a smooth market entry.

    What kind of market research and analysis do you conduct to assess the potential for our cosmetic products in new target markets?

    To assess the potential of your cosmetic products in new markets, we conduct comprehensive market research and analysis. Our research includes studying market trends, consumer preferences, competitive landscape, and other factors critical to your expansion plans. This information provides valuable insights to shape your market entry strategy and maximize your success.

    How do you ensure efficient collaboration and compliance with local regulations through your network?

    We have established a robust network of professionals and local partners specializing in the cosmetics industry. These experts can provide support with formulation reviews, labeling requirements, safety assessments, and other regulatory processes in the target markets. Through our network, we ensure efficient collaboration, adherence to local regulations, and successful execution of necessary processes.

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